I am a  cultural activist, anti-racism educator, and itinerant blues preacher leveraging the power of music to promote healing, justice and racial reconciliation.  



I remember sitting with my grandfather, PawPaw, as he was affectionately known to us.  We were watching a video of a workshop I had conducted in Vancouver. As he watched me with the choir, he kinda chuckled and asked me, sarcastically, if that's what I was doing for work. He then smiled at me and said, “Son, that’s a good thing you’re doin’.” I asked him why. What he said has informed my music making ever since. He said,

Our music was never meant to be just for us.

He taught me that music was so much more than just making songs...that they are not just isolated outbursts of creativity.  They are windows into the thoughts, souls, and emotions of people.  They are essential to creating powerful moments of community...of coming together and changing the world. That makes them powerful modalities for transformation.  

The collection of my work here represents my ever-evolving thoughts and reflections on race, religion, and music and how that confluence has shaped us and our world. While you’re here, check out my flagship program, Musical Journeys Through American Race Relations as well as offerings for children & youth, community choir workshops & resources, professional & workplace development, and more. My work is also designed to be modular, meaning that it can be offered in spaces ranging from the juke joint to the jailhouse, from living room to lecture hall, or from café to main stage.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, if just for a short while. Feel free to reach out anytime.



human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted.

~MLK, jr.