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House Concert @ The Lakhani's

Hi All,

You are invited to join us for a private house concert at the home of Carmel & Vipul Lakhani, 4812 Wyoming Ave. Nashville, TN, Saturday, September 28th @ 7:30. Come enjoy Grammy-winning producer/songwriter, J.B. Eckl, and the former director of the world- famous “Harlem Gospel Choir", Eric Dozier, perform their amazing blend of Americana, Blues, Gospel and Folk. We will have some light refreshments, good company, and CD's available for sale. Seating is limited to 40, so click on this link to reserve your spot. 

Help support our artists by choosing your ticket price offering when you reserve your seat, $12-$25, Less if you have to, More if you can. Fliers are attached to share with others. You deserve a night out. Grab some friends and come on over for our fantastic evening of spirit and music. 


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Radio Interview on A Safe Place to Talk About Race

Gospel Music: Roots that Drive Social Justice

If it ‘ain’t sung, social justice can’t be won’. Can you think of any social justice movement without music? Why do 3 words, “We Shall Overcome”, put our emotions in a higher place? Gospel music is uniquely African-American in origin from lived experiences. Even Albert Einstein agreed and praised it. What is its secret power that tugs at the heart and soul to unite ALL people worldwide? This universal language of the divine is not value neutral. It transmits ways of thinking, being and behaving. Is it simply music, an effective organizing tool, or what? The roots of gospel music can be heard in the Blues, Rock, R&B, Motown, Rap, etc. Can gospel music help racial healing soar like the Movement of the ‘60’s? Join Eric Dozier, former Musical Director for the World Famous Harlem Gospel Choir and Director of Arts and Education for One Human Family Music Workshops, Inc., to decode how and why gospel music is a living story and endless gift of resilience, love, and hope for humankind.


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