Born in the small rural town of Bakewell, TN, breathing in the volatility and beauty of any typical black southern hamlet, Eric Dozier swam in the melodies of Memphis Slim, and played catch in the city of Bessie Smith. He cut his teeth playing piano at the local Baptist church at the age of 4, singing with his mother in the choir every Sunday morning and watching his father’s hands smack the piano. He returned home every Sunday to a nest filled with the sounds of 70s funk and Edwin Hawkins’ “O Happy Day”.

This patchwork music education was to later manifest in a musical anointing colored by intricate harmonies, stylized arrangements and spirited lyrics which fuse these traditions into a musical elixir that the New York Times has called “…rousing.” It was not until later in his life that music became his profession, although it never ceased to be his passion. Though he had toured internationally since the age of 12, it was a critical encounter with a dear old soul in the Czech Republic, a far cry from Bakewell, that prompted him to pursue his calling. This led him to recognize the true power of music to heal hearts. Thus began One Human Family Workshops. 

Through his role as co-founder and National Director of Arts and Education for One Human Family Workshops, Inc., Eric set out to devote his musical, spiritual, and intellectual talents to eradicating social, religious, racial, gender, and cultural discrimination. Through heart stirring gospel music and traditional spirituals, dynamic speeches, historical presentations, and interactive music workshops he has dedicated himself to welding the hearts and minds of a divided humanity into one loving fellowship. During this time he also served as the musical director for the World Famous Harlem Gospel Choir and the award winning Children’s Theatre Company of NYC. Through these collaborations, he has been honored to share the stage with the likes of Harry Belafonte, Angelique Kidjo, Raffi, and even Nelson Mandela; he has been afforded to opportunity to work with various producers such as renowned Canadian composer Jack Lenz (Nanaland, Passion of the Christ) and K.C. Porter (Santana, Ricky Martin). 

If the romp and stomp of gospel is a bit much for your sensitive palette, catch Eric live at the Mobile Soul Café, the traveling water hole for those mobile souls aspiring to become nobler souls. Dozier brings his live show from the stage into your local café, community space...even your living room. Combining elements of blues, and funk with his already uncategorizable gumbo of gospel and traditional spirituals, Dozier’s insightful lyrics and soulful melodies are certain to lure you into a sonic, mystical journey...serving up food for mind and spirit. 

In his most recent musical ventures, Eric has teamed up with long time friend, singer/songwriter and producer JB Eckl (Santana, WAR, Ozomatli). Converging on Canada’s Vancouver Island, the two troubadours set out to bring their diverse musical backgrounds together for a music-infused devotional experience culminating in Badasht vol. 1: While the City Sleeps. The project draws on the Baha’i sacred writings for lyrics and inspiration, weaving a rich tapestry of sound at once expansive and intimate, introspective and jubilant. Since their success with Badasht, JB and Eric have collaborated on a tour across the US and Canada, composed music for TLC’s hit reality television series John and Kate Plus Eight, and formed the neo-blues duo Moanin’ Sons. 

It’s Down'n'Dirty Blues. Sanctified Gospel. Old-time Country. Grinding Rock. 

It was once said that good music comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable. Eric’s music will have you pondering which side you fall on.