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It has taken me a while to get up the nerve to put myself out there in this way. However, there is so much to say and our time on this planet is so brief that to not share ourselves is a disservice to our own spiritual development, belittles the significance of the Journey, and robs our fellow wayfarers of our contribution to the collective wisdom. So here is my humble submission to you…my family. While on a plane going from somewhere to somewhere else, Spirit spoke the words “mobile soul”. The voice was soft and subtle but at the same time hauntingly clear. So I decided that i should take this intimation seriously and not toss this quiet revelation aside like an unsolicited invite to another worship service or the latest menu from Domino’s…here goes.

The metaphor of the soul as traveler and life as journey permeates the air we breath. It is timeless and has traversed the bounds of culture and lives with us almost to the point of universality. Recall the words of those black and unknown bards that moaned the words of the old african american spiritual “ I’m just a poor wayfaring stranger.” Who of us has not felt like the “motherless child a long way from home.” You find this metaphor in the writings of many of the Eastern mystical poets as well. Take for instance the words of Rumi recorded in the Mathnavi when he says, “Up! Soul, and travel in search of eternal wealth.” Reflect on the sentiments of the psalmists, musing on a walk in green pastures, by still waters, and even “through the valley of the shadow of death.”

The pervasive nature of these images is the foundation informing the notion of the mobile soul. We exist in either the state of progress or regress but never still. Seemingly there is always a restlessness even in our times of peace.

Just this thought may seem daunting and even overwhelming at times. However, if viewed in a different light, this reality can breathe a new sense of hope and even adventure into every day of our lives. Our very nature testifies to fact that we should never dwell too long in a state of sorrow or grief, nor should we rest in the temporary moments of apparent bliss but keep striving to become, for the only thing that is constant is change…evolution…movement. Exciting huh…tiring yes but the reality of things nonetheless.

This presents a challenge to us all, in every moment existence on this plane of decay, to see the eternal. To move past the mundane to the profound and draw a new strength from the knowledge that our puniness is mere mirage…a fleeting shadow and that our true Self is filled with power and potential. “Dost thou reckon thyself a mere puny form when within you the universe is folded.”

This stands in stark contrast to the materialistic world view that most of us have been inundated and bathed in since our entry onto this plane. However, therein lies the task…the heart of the journey…to free ourselves from the illusions that keep us caged in selfish pursuits and a temporal fantasia surrounded by our toys…still wandering aimlessly. This is not an easy thing to do when everything around us encourages us to take and not give, to guard ourselves and not embrace, or to consume and not nurture or replenish.

It was once said that he who owns the gold makes the rules. I don’t know about that. There have been many throughout history that have come up short on the gold but have manifested an abundance of soul. And personally I tend to lean toward the philosophy of the Godfather…of Soul that is who said, “ What we need is SOUL POWER. Gotta have it!” I hope you can get more than a little bit here and that it can help you along your mystic journey…

Free Yo’ Self and ASCEND!